Chinese SKS

During World War II, the SKS (Samozaryadnyi Karbin Simonova or “Semi-Automatic Carbine, Simonov) series was designed by a Soviet named Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov with the hopes to create a primary weapon that would turn the tides of war in an instant. The Soviet variant was a success at all means and would really be something unforgettable in the history of firearms. But what is interesting about the original variations is that it was followed by innovations from other countries such as China which we all know, is very knowledgeable when it comes to firearms and gunpowder.

Chinese SKS

Due to the hard-work China exerted to create their own version of the SKS, there comes the Chinese SKS series. According to most gun experts, the SKS series of China is the most successful of all SKS’ when it comes to marketing. This is because China was able to release a wide range of Chinese variants of the SKS and all are proven to work wonders. This is not a surprise because China is really known for their outstanding skills when it comes to dealing with gunpowder, firearms and such. Not to mention their exceptional skills in doing business.

When it comes to the marketing of firearms, China also did not miss out. As a matter of fact, most of China’s SKS rifles are actually made specifically for the market of the United States of America. There are a lot of Chinese variants of the SKS out there and as expected from the Chinese people who love doing business, they must have released a majority of the models to the market. For example, a firearm called the “Paratrooper” rifle was made by China for the US market as well as a variant called SKS-D that holds on to AK magazines. Considering all these, China must have earned lumps of money from those variants.

Distribution of Chinese SKS series in the market started in the mid-1980s. One would know if the gun is made from China if the label shows that it is made from China and if it includes Chinese inscriptions on the receiver, probably a notification that “Norinco” or a similar company made it for example. Norinco is also called “North China Industries” which is actually a company owned by the Chinese military.

One of the first SKS variants of China is the Chinese Type 56 which is actually quite faulty at first. This variant suffered a lot of tweaks and remodeling just to get some things right which actually still wasn’t enough to satisfy users. All of the type 56 rifles were removed from military hands due to its incompetence but was still held by ceremonial holders. Another Chinese variant is the Chinese Honor Guard which mostly had chromed metal parts. There is also what we call the Chinese Commercial Production variant which actually centered on models to be released in the market. These are mostly models that are able to adapt easily to most cases such as being able to contain AK-47 magazines for versatility. Seeing the expansion that the Chinese was able to do, the Chinese SKS is definitely a very successful SKS series.

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    Requesting some assistance. I’m a Vietnam Veteran. During my tour I was a recipiennt of a war trophy (7.62 Chicom rifle with certificate). During a devorce experience I lost my war trophy. Since then I’ve been trying to replace it. Is it possible to replace? Appreciate any assistance you can provide.


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