The Issue Behind the Norinco SKS Models

In 1945, a Soviet weapons designer named Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov made history by making one of the world’s pioneering semi-automatic rifles, the SKS. The Samozaryadnyj Karabin sistemy Simonova is a semi-automatic rifle that has paved the way for many other advanced rifles that has aided many soldiers to win wars. After its birth, many companies and countries have sought this invaluable tool, and the most controversial of which was the Norinco SKS.

Norinco, or known as the China North Industries Corporation in the United States of America, is a Chinese manufacturing company that offers a wide variety of services including strike systems, military supplies, anti-terrorism weapons, destruction systems, night vision systems, oil field equipment, explosives, and other materials of the like. The Norinco SKS is no exception to the line of products; it is a very famous product of this company that has gained quite a notorious status in the United States of America.

Norinco Sks Rifle
From target rifles to small combat pistols, Norinco has been considered one of the biggest suppliers of guns and other firearms and ammunition in the United States. The most famous was the SKS models of Norinco, including the SKS-M, SKS-D. Others were called the Chinese Type 63, the Type 68, the Type 73, the Type 81, and the Type 84. A familiar model known as the Type 56 even had the nostalgic folding bayonet that was considered a classic.

However, there were notably controversial models made by Norinco. A model known as the Type 84, or the SKS-D, was an infamous gun during its inception. This gun had a detachable magazine. This would mean that the SKS models featuring this function would be able reload faster as quick as a drop of a hat. A person who happens to possess this kind of gun would almost triple his kill count. For this reason, some states of America reacted negatively to the shipping of these kinds of rifles and consequently banned their shipment.

Another type known as the Type 68 gained infamy because it was rumored to be a fully-automatic SKS. The fact of the matter is that the Type 68 was not fully-automatic, but only semi-automatic in the first place. However, despite its illegal label, many smugglers have found their way to ship these guns in the United States.

Due to the many issues surrounding the notorious gun, the president of the United States back then decided to ban China-made SKS shipment in the States, specifically those equipped with a bayonet, as well as the ones with detachable magazines like the SKS-D. Norinco addressed this by just removing the models that have a bayonet and a detachable magazine. However, many Americans still violated this because they actually favored the gun. Most have valued the Chinese SKS all because it did not require strict maintenance, and because it was very powerful and accurate for its small price.

In spite of the numerous controversies, it cannot be contended that the Norinco SKS has become a popular item in America for its reliability and handling.

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  1. Larry says:

    Check out GunRightsAttorneys.Com for laws concerning the possession of the SKS.

  2. Aczewolf says:

    The SKS first saw duty in 1945 and is still being made today, it can be taken apart without tools except for a bullet to be used as a punch. It has a chrome lined barrel to prevent corrosion, and it fires a bullet good for deer, or self defence which only cost 25-30 cents each. There are many after market supplies so you can customize it. It is incredibly reliable [without aftermarket banana clips] It was banned because America couldn’t build anything nearly as good for the money. Why ban the SKS when we can get semi auto AR 15s and Ak 47s, because the semi auto ARs and AKs are made in America and are expensive, that’s why.

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