Yugo SKS

The SKS series created by a soviet named Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov is truly a success in the firearm industry. Why? Looking at the variety of SKS released today, why won’t it be a success? China’s success in the marketing of SKS series is the biggest example that Sergei’s masterpiece was truly influential to several countries. Russia, East Germany, Romania, North Korea, Albania, China etc. had their own variations of the SKS series. But what would be the best in quality? The Yugo SKS would be the best among the rest.

Yugo SKS with Grenade Launcher

Today, the most popular SKS rifles are the ones made by Yugoslavia particularly the Yugoslavian Model 59/66. Updated versions of this model had a 22 mm grenade launcher attached to it which is a very good addition to boost up the firepower and capabilities of the Yugoslavian Model 59/66. In combination with the 22 mm grenade launcher is a Front Sight with a fold-up ladder for a better grenade shooting accuracy. Because of the addition of the grenade launcher, manufacturers of the Yugoslavian Model 59/66 made adjustments for safety precautions of the users. When the grenade launcher sight is lifted up, the gas system is blocked for safety and the action of the gun must be manually cycled up to get back to its original status. Another means for safety precaution is that the grenade launcher can only be fired if the cartridge is empty. The stock is made up of Beech wood which is actually a fine piece of wood.

There was a time that these Yugo SKS models were imported to the United States of America for military use and it sparked disappointment because the models given were faulty. It had no matching serial numbers, most were not in pristine shape, some have dinged stocks and some scratches which are said to have been done intentionally by the soldiers who issued the models.
Aside from the Yugoslavian Model 59/66, there is also the Yugoslavian PAP M59. PAP stands for “Polu-automatska puška” which means “Semi-Automatic Rifle”. The rifle was nicknamed “Papovka” because if not, it would be identical with the Russian variant. This rifle is known to have exceptional level of accuracy and is able to shoot rounds with quite an exceptional firing rate.

Yugo SKS

The first releases of the Yugoslavian SKS models were high-quality and still lives up to the reputation today. Newly released models actually had a very considerable price and if not taken as soon as possible, prices may climb to enormous heights and make the model expensive enough to consider. So it is advisable for firearm collectors to hastily purchase one because the demand for the Yugo SKS is actually high. It isn’t really a surprise because the Yugoslavian variants lived up to the reputation they made. They created variants that are very good in quality. They are highly durable, has high accuracy, incredible add-ons, incredible design, probably exceptional in all aspects. For collectors, the Yugoslavian SKS is a must have.

4 Responses to “Yugo SKS”

  1. Le says:

    Are u able to get a bigger round clip or magazine for this sks?????

  2. Robert says:

    Absolutely. It requires disassembly of the firearm, removal of the fixed 10 round magazine and follower. Then you simply insert the nose of the removable magazine and rock the rear into lock. Just do an internet search for “sks magazine”. Be careful though, as some removable magazines do not always feed properly. Mostly due to the feed angle at which they hold the round. This can be fixed if you know what you’re doing.

  3. Mr. Hampton says:

    Yes, the Tapco magazines are the best. Don’t buy any other brand. I would also recommend replacing the original stock with an Monte Carlo stock like I did with my Romanian SKS.

  4. Sonny Anderson says:

    Don’t replace the magazine with one of the removable mags. Instead find one of the Chinese 20 round fixed magazines, they go for about $100.00, and keep the Yugo SKS basically stock. They load quickly with the “strip” and you will keep the value of the gun higher.

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